Site setup

Your personal place on web should also have a website!


To add a web site you need to go to Sites under domains. You can pick one of our tested and tried templates, or you can create your own.

For sites we use markup, file and directory structure that is compatible with Jekyll. This allows you to create pages, blog posts add images, javascript, and stylesheets.

Every site needs a _config.yml which contains basic configuration.

When you use one of our templates, you don't need to know HTML, as almost everything can be configured using the _config.yml and by using Markdown.

A basic _config.yml will be added to your site when you create it through the dashboard. It's content will be similar to the following, it's also the bare minimum you need to get started:


General configuration

title: Your new site baseurl: / ```

When you create your site, you can edit it using our web-based editor. You can drag and drop files onto the explorer, you can create, rename, move and delete files and folders. It's more than enough to get you started and to maintain your site once you've got it online.

Multiple sites

You can add multiple sites per domain. There is two ways to do this:

  1. Multiple sites under the same hostname, say and For this to work you need to specify a baseurl, the start-path of the site.

  2. A site for a sub-domain, say For this to work you need to specify a host and needs to point to

You can add a CNAME for this:

| Name | Type | Content | | ---- | ----- | ------------ | | joe | CNAME | |

Your config should then be as follows:

yaml # General configuration title: Your new site baseurl: / host:

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